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Concrete Coring Company uses proven methods to accomplish the goals of your project. Our equipment is capable of providing the results you want for your project needs. Our work is often performed to cut concrete foundations. This requires the proper knowledge and our team has the experience to deliver positive results.


Concrete Core Drilling

can be performed both horizontally or vertically through concrete and masonry wall and slabs. Used regularly in applications requiring circular cut-outs at precise diameters and depths, core drills are ideal for both interior and exterior drilling projects, as they produce no dust, fumes, and have very low noise output.

Flat Sawing

is used for long linear cuts through concrete and asphalt. Our experienced operators have the ability to cut concrete and asphalt up to 27″ deep. Concrete Coring takes great pride in our experience sawing pavement, driveways,sidewalks,parking lots, highways, bridges and much more.

Interior Slab Sawing

is one of our specialties. We have the right equipment for all your interior slab cutting needs. Our fume free electric slab and hand saws can get to any space without the fumes or messy hydraulic lines. Hospitals, basements, office buildings , restaurants, and food plants all have used our electric slab sawing services.

Wall Sawing

is typically specified to cut precise openings for doorways, ventilation units, and windows. It employs a diamond blade on a usually track-mounted system. Not only can this be used vertically, but horizontally as well. This set-up can also be used on steep inclined surfaces, where a slab saw cannot be properly used. With a cutting depth up to 30″ deep from one side, with access to both sides of a wall, we can cut up to a 60” piece of concrete!
The portability of wall sawing allows our professional operators easy set-up and applications.

Wire Sawing

Sawing with diamond wire is the simplest and most efficient way to remove large concrete structures, or to make circular holes in thick walls. There is virtually no limit in terms of sawing depth. Our unique diamond tools enable you to cut very complex structures, both in steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

Curb Sawing

is primarily used to make changes to a pre-existing curb in both commercial and residential settings. Historically, this process has been very labor intensive and required complete removal of the curb section. The curb saw enables the operator to modify the curb without removing it completely. Reasons for this include installation of wheelchair ramps, driveway entrances, and parking lot modifications. However, the saw can also be used for barrier wall removal.

Surface Grinding

Concrete Floor Grinders utilize rotating discs to level, smooth, or clean the top surface of a concrete slab. Applications include eliminating trowel marks, smooth­ing rough edges, removing coatings, grinding high spots, and adding texture to slippery surfaces.

GPR Concrete Scanning

Concrete Coring’s high-end scanning device uses ground penetrating radar to detect what’s inside concrete walls and slabs-so you can avoid hitting rebar, conduit, post-tensioning wire while drilling or cutting holes. The scanner is also an effective tool to detect voids and other irregularities in concrete slabs or walls. GPR Scanning is noninvasive than X-ray and much more cost effective.

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